The project started on May 2013. Several meetings allowed specifying the targeted applicative scenario. The PhD thesis dedicated to the project started in October 2013 and was defended in July 12, 2016, and the post doc on January 2014. Diiferent presentations of the immersive environment were done for neurosurgeons and scrub nurses all along the project.

Additional results:

  • A patent was submitted on «Système de Simulation basé sur un apprentissage, dispositifs, méthodes et programmes correspondants» patent# R25634FR
  • A first version of the ontology for describing the surgical processes was impemented (OntoSPM) and published in a national conference. A journal paper is in preparation.
  • Software about Test&Flip computation was protected by the APP french agency. A journal paper is in preparation.
  • APP software registration of a first version of software about virtual reality interaction and collaborative environment (#SEVEN) is in progress 
  • A first realistic version of the virtual reality immersive environment is developed and available with first notions of interaction with virtual objects and with process driven interaction capability.

International mobility

  • Pierre-Louis Hénaux. Wilson Centre, Toronto, Canada. August 2016 - July 2017. Referent: Dr. Carol-Anne Moulton.

Videos and images:

Videos available at : and

OR 3 at the neurosurgical department of the University Hospital in Rennes (France)



Virtual OR 3 displayed within the Immersia envirnoment

From the user's point of view

  • OntoSPM: a part of it


  • First results of generic models computed by T&F




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